flame retardant

B&E copes with the challenge it faces to provide a selection of specialist products for all printing processes, to give its customers first availability to new worldwide innovation, such as printing on Polyamide and Flock fabrics.

At B&E International Ltd., we are relentlessly innovating and developing new standards of excellence for our products, ensuring that they meet the stringent demands of the print industry.

Product NameDescription Application
FLAMEGARD FR 4001Permanent flame retardant for cotton fabricsFabrics
FLAMEGARD 201Eco-friendly flame retardant for fabric coatingsFabrics
FLAMEGARD FR 8020Halogen-free flame retardant for PolyamidesEngineer plastics
FLAMEGARD FR 8014Halogen-free flame retardant for PolyamidesEngineer plastics
FLAMEGARD FR 8012Halogen-free flame retardant for PET, PA spinnigEngineer plastics
FLAMEGARD FR 8006Halogen-free flame retardant for modified PA66Engineer plastics
FLAMEGARD FR 8005Eco-friendly flame retardant for glass fiber reinforced PA6, PBT and PETEngineer plastics
FLAMEGARD FR 8004High efficient halogen-free flame retardant for PBT, PETEngineer plastics
FLAMEGARD FR 8003Halogen-free flame retardant for glass fiber reinforced polyester and PAEngineer plastics
FLAMEGARD FR 8002Halogen-free flame retardant for TPE, TPU and epoxy resin boardEngineer plastics
FLAMEGARD FR 8001Halogen-free organic phosphorus flame retardant plasticsEngineer plastics
FLAMEGARD FR 6001Halogen-free high-performance flame retardant for PVCEngineer plastics
FLAMEGARD 301Flame Retardant for non-woven fabric, cellulose.Fabrics