Finishing Textile Auxiliaries

The perfect textile finishing you have always wanted…

The role of the textile finishing has become increasingly demanding, and now requires a careful balance between the compatibility of different finishing products and treatments and the application processes used to provide textiles with desirable properties.

We manufacture and supply a wide assortment textile-finishing chemicals which have a wide application in textile industry. The use of optimum quality raw material in the manufacturing of these chemicals ensures high reliability and effectiveness.

CategoryProduct NameTypeDescription
SoftenersWELASOFT RTS-White emulsion cationic softener for CO and CO blends special for terry, sportswear and underwear finishing.
SoftenersBIOSOFT KSCationicCationic softener in flakes form.
SoftenersWELASOFT NINon-ionicNon-ionic for all kinds of fibers softener, white goods, additive for high grad finishing, for pad application.
SoftenersWELASOFT HS-MNon-ionicMicro emulsion hydrophilic silicone softener.
SoftenersFLOCKAMIN ADAnionicSpecial softener for flock articles made from PES, PA and viscose.
SoftenersWELASOFT OZFNon-ionicNon-yellowing, Non-ionic softener for all kinds of fibers, compatible with optical brighteners.
SoftenersWELASOFT MASNon-ionicMacro emulsion silicon softener, for all kinds of fibers.
SoftenersEMULCINOL PE-HDNon-ionicStitching, softening and smoothing agent, for all kind of fabrics.
SoftenersBIOSOFT NINon-ionicNon-ionic softener in flakes form.
SoftenersWELASOFT MIS-CNon-ionicSpecial softener additive for pigment printing.
SoftenersWELASOFT ELSNon-ionicElastic silicone resin softener for cellulose, synthetics, wool & their blends, increase all fabrics elasticity.
SoftenersEMULCINOL SIVCationicWhite emulsion cationic softener for all kinds of fibers, special for OE-yarn, exhaust process.
SoftenersWELASOFT HS-NNon-ionicNano emulsion silicone softener for high absorption terry towel finishing.
Stiffing and filling agentBIOPRET HNHNon-ionicFilling and stiffing agent with very stiff handle
Stiffing and filling agentBIOPRET NANon-ionicFilling and stiffing agent with permanent washing stiff elastic handle.
Weighting agentBIOPRET TCNon-ionicWeighting agent for all kinds of fibers, with filling properties, renders hydrophilic
Anti-static agentsVISCOLUBE ADAnionicAnionic special antistatic softener for articles made of PES, PA and viscose blends.
Anti-static agentsFLUROSTAT CACationicCationic antistatic agent for spinning and finishing processes.
Sanforizing agentsSANFOPRET KN-Sanforizing agent with very good wetting, gliding and softening properties
Water-and-Oil Repellent agentsREPELTEXCationicWater repellent agent for all fibers.
Water-and-Oil Repellent agentsFLUOROGARD FC-Durable water-and –oil repellent finishing, for synthetic fibers and there blends.
Crease Resistant agentsBIOREZ VLF-Free formaldehyde, cross-linking agent for crease resistant easy care finishing of Textiles made of cellulose fibers and their blends.
Anti-microbial agentNANOTREAT 20-Durable and easy processing anti microbial agent for fabrics with more then 35% of cellulose content.