Dyeing Auxiliaries


Dyeing is not just process of adding colour to textile, this is a process that brings life into it! The B&E product range of dyeing auxiliaries allows the optimum performance of the dyes on the  natural and man-made fibers in short efficient ecological and low cost processes.

CategoryProduct NameTypeDescription
Wetting agents/dearators/paddingBIOTEX DH-300%AnionicWetting and Dearating agent for continuous and exhaust dyeing processes.
Sequestering AgentsQUELATEX SVAnionicComplexing agent and protective clloid for all dyeings exhaust and continous processes.
Sequestering AgentsQUELATEX NWAnionicSequestering and dispersing agent for pretreatment and dyeing; no demetallising effect on dyestuffs
pH Regulating AgentsACIDIT PASNon-ionicAcid donor for the dyeing of polyamide exhaust process.
pH Regulating AgentsREACTAL-Alkali donor for high and medium reactive dyestuffs on cellulosic exhaust Process.
pH Regulating AgentsBUFFER SP-Organic buffer mixture for pH adjustment on the goods as requested by oko-tex standard 100.
Levelling/Dye carriers (Polyester)VETASIN PENon-ionicHighly concentrated leveling and dispersing agent, low foaming high dyestuff retarding effect during heating up phase.
Levelling/Dye carriers (Polyester)VETASIN PEDAnionicHighly concentrated leveling and dispersing agent, high diffusion acceleration for materials with difficult dye penetration.
Levelling/Dye carriers (Polyester)VETASIN CABAnionicBiodegradable dye carrier.
Levelling/Dye carriers (Polyamide)VETASIN PNTAnionicLeveling agent for dyeing polyamide with acid dye stuffs bellow boiling temperature coverage of barriness
Levelling/Dye carriers (Polyamide)VETASIN FTSAnionicLeveling agent for dyeing polyamide with acid 1:2 maetal complexing and direct dyestuffs.
Levelling/Dye carriers (Wool)VETASIN MSNNon-ionicUniversal standard product for dyeing with acid 1:2 and 1:1 metal complex dyestuffs.
Levelling/Dye carriers (Wool)VETASIN DANon-ionicDispersing and antipercipitation agent for one-bath dyeing of wool/acrylic   Blends. Leveling agent for dyeing with 1:1 and 1:2 metal complex  and basic dyestuff's.
Levelling/Dye carriers (Wool)VETASIN EL-Leveling agent for dyeing of wool with reactive dyes.
Levelling/Dye carriers (Wool)VETASIN LR-Leveling agent for dyeing of wool with disperse dyes.
Levelling/Dye carriers (Polyacryl)VETASIN PACCationicLeveling agent for dyeing of polyacrylics with cationic dyestuffs.
Levelling/Dye carriers (Cellulose)VETASIN DFNon-ionicLeveling agent for direct dyestuff.
Levelling/Dye carriers (Cellulose)VETASIN CO-RAnionicLeveling and dispersing agent for the dyeing of cellulose with reactive dyes.
Anti-crease agentsVETASIN ECSNon-ionicAnti-crease agent for dyeing of celluloses material and mixtures.
After treatment agents (Polyester)IMPROFIX RCWeakly anionicClearing agent for polyester dyeing.
After treatment agents (Polyamide)IMPROFIX DR-N-Improvement of wet fastness of direct dyeing by padding or exhaust process
Celllose After soapingQUELATEX SKAnionicStrongly dispersing promotes the removal of non-fixed dyestuff, prevents re-deposition, foamless   
Celllose After soapingQUELATEX SVAnionicFoam –free complexing and dispersing agent
FixingIMPROFIX 2000CationicImprovement of wet fastness of reactive dyeing and printings, padding or exhaust process.
FixingIMPROFIX NRAnionicImprovement of wet fastness of dyeing and printings on polyamide with acid      dyestuffs, reserving agent for PA/WO and PA/CO blends.
MiscellaneousIMPROFIX ORCationicOilgomer remover and machinery cleaner, usage in yarn dyeing flock and top.
MiscellaneousIMPROFIX SPECCationicCleaning for dyeing and printing machines.