Over 30 years experience and know-how in textiles

Sizing, Pre-treatment, Dyieng, Textile printing, Finishing and Coating

B&E International LTD. is a dynamic company specialising in the manufacture and marketing of chemicals for the textile industry.

Established over thirty years ago, the company’s management and senior staff have built a solid reputation for technical excellence, proven quality and efficient service.

B&E International LTD. headquartered outside Tel Aviv, in close proximity to Israel’s international airport and major ports. The modern plant operated by a skilled team of employees, and equipped with the most advanced installations.


B&E International LTD. also ensures that all products meet the requirements of a wide spectrum of international standards and ecological stipulations. The company’s in house laboratory is responsible for intensive analysis and testing and plays a key role in product development and performance.

A major factor in the company’s growth is its capability to respond quickly to customer needs.
B&E professionals work closely with clients in all parts of the world and frequently pay on-site visits to ensure that products meet the specific needs of individual manufacturers.

The firm also takes pride in its fast response capability which gives high priority to on time deliveries for orders of any size.

Certified with ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015.

Certified with BVQI-Bureau Veritas Quality International.

Bluesign system partner since 2017.

GOTS V5.0  & V6.0 certified.

ZDHC Positive List B&E-2021

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